Keep Warm While Saving Money this Winter

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Whether we like it or not, the winter is now upon us. This mainly means chilly days and bitterly cold nights. It also however means, a lot of spending in order to warm yourself up through the cold period. Utility bills can cost loads during the winter, while we tend to spend more money on food when it’s cold too. On top of spending in order to keep yourself warm, money also pours out of our pockets when buying Christmas gifts, while the need to update our wardrobe for the season further costs. All in all then, the winter can leave us spending large amounts of money and here to help you be a bit more financially savvy during this period are a few financial tips.

Preventing Draft

One of the main problems pertaining to the cold in the winter, comes from a failure to keep out the drafts. In fact, keeping out the drafts can be the difference between a cold house and a warm house, and you’ll therefore end up spending a lot of money on heating costs, if you fail to do so.

There are numerous things that can be done to keep out the drafts.

Firstly, for a quick fix you should seal up doors that are unlikely to be used during the winter with a small piece of plastic that touches the threshold.

Now, if you want a more permanent solution for the whole of your house, you can use a silicon seal and sweep. This is rather expensive however and cheap foam will suffice your household for the season. With that said, this is an article for the financially savvy and opting for the silicon seal and sweep route is actually the option that will save you more money in the long run, rather than having to constantly use temporary means.

Be Financially Savvy

The end of the year should be a period when one thoroughly checks up on his finances and strives to ensure that no money is being wasted elsewhere in fact. For example, thousands of business owners miss out on thousands of pounds each year due to not claiming back what’s rightfully theirs through tax refunds. This is in spite of the fact that there is an overabundance of specialist firms online such as RIFT UK that are specifically there to help us claim back tax refunds.

The point is: saving money should be second nature to us. We need to ensure that we are not wasting money in any aspect of our life. Being financially savvy should be a way of life.

Old School Heating Trick

One way of saving money on heating costs, is by leaving your oven door open. The oven of course has a lot of heat inside when used, and by leaving it open, you’re putting that heat to good use through warming up the surrounding area.

Buy Winter Clothes Early

Winter clothing is most expensive in the first half of the winter before the January sales. Unless you want to wait for the January sales, you’ll be better off buying your winter clothes in a different season, so the summer or early autumn. This is when winter clothing is cheapest.

Richard Hughes is a British freelance finance writer.


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