HGV Insurance Explained In Detail: Drive Peacefully

Most of the people in US have Insurance but still it’s the sector has propelled itself forward, fanning itself into one of the most prosperous sectors currently. The coverage of monetary loss arising out of exposure to risks or perils and in case of any untoward incident is a great way to ensure peace of mind. Given the entire portfolio of insurance industries in countries like USA and UK, the largest contributor’s title has been awarded to vehicle, often also regarded as auto insurance, GAP insurance, car or motor insurance.

Vehicle Insurance is one of the most diverse portfolios and can refer to any kind of car, truck, trailers, motorcycles, or any kind of mechanical motor driven vehicle. Most important in this context is to understand the heavy goods vehicle insurance (HGV) as these may encompass any vehicle that has large tonnage pass, usually ranging above 4 tons.

What all should be covered under HGV Insurance?

When we talk of coverage, it generally refers to the kind of losses against which the insurance provider will indemnify the user. Any standard insurance should provide a comprehensive insurance covering:
  • Own damage (vehicle’s insurance for loss or damage to vehicle)
  • Third party liability (loss to third party property, person or bodily injury)
  • Personal accident cover for paid driver, cleaner and conductor (accidental death or permanent total disability)
  • Damage to third party property
  • Cover for accessories, electric and electronic fittings
Once you know the coverage you want to have for your HGVs, you can approach the insurance company. Your vehicle’s insured value will depend on vehicle make, model and year of manufacture. Ensure you know the correct market price to ensure your vehicle, as the insured amount is the maximum amount the insurance company will indemnify in case of a loss.

How to choose your insurance partner?

When you buy insurance, you should make sure that you go with the best service provider while making a claim. Keep the following points in mind when you buy your HGV insurance:
  • Paid claim record of the company
  • Get clarity on the depreciation and other costs your might have to be liable to pay if claim is to be made
  • Hassle free claim settlement
  • Claim processes
  • Scope of coverage and list of cashless garages and service stations (to ensure that you have one wherever you travel with your vehicle)
Make your insurance work for you
  • Make sure you insure your vehicle at all times and there is no GAP in insurance cover.
  • Drive safely and cautiously to avoid any accidents and any claim will increase your insurance cost and cause you the loss of NO CLAIM BONUS.
  • Ensure that you carry all your documents at all times
Once you have decided on which insurance partner you want to insure your vehicle with, get it done in time and without any delay. Insurance will provide you with a peace of mind while you drive on the road against any kind of monetary losses. It will also be a vigilant thing to do to safeguard your loved ones from any kind of financial troubles.

Be insured, drive peacefully!

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