How to Save Money on a Golfing Holiday

Anyone who plays golf on a regular basis, and even those who only take to the fairways every once in a while, will no doubt have dreamed about taking a golfing holiday in one of the world’s sun-kissed locations. From the Algarve in Portugal to America’s Sunshine State of Florida, there are some truly wonderful courses which are just waiting to be discovered, but in the midst of a recession many players will baulk at the idea of spending a sizable sum of money on something that’s over in a few days.

The recent economic difficulties have led to problems for millions of people and thousands of companies, of course, but that doesn’t mean we should all stop living enjoyable lives. A golfing holiday may seem like an unnecessary expense, but there are opportunities to at least make the experience a more affordable one. Here are four ways to ensure the trip can remain within affordable limits.

Take your clubs with you

Most airlines charge passengers a fee for transporting golf bags as well as normal luggage, so you may wonder about renting clubs at your chosen destination instead. However, unless you are only planning to play once this is unlikely to be a cost-effective strategy, because the cost of club hire can be surprisingly expensive. If you’re not sure about the cheapest option, contact the local courses before your holiday and do the sums.

Avoid the hotel bars

After a tiring but enjoyable round of golf, nothing quite hits the spot like a cold drink, and of course in the evenings the chances are you and your party will want to relax with one or two more. However, in most holiday locations the prices in hotel bars will be substantially higher than those in the local bars outside of the hotel complex. Therefore, save money by being a little more picky about where you drink.

Shop around for car hire deals

If you are planning to hire a car at your chosen destination, you may well find that such arrangements shouldn’t be left to the last minute. It’s usually possibly to pick up a rented car at the airport, of course, but in many cases the prices are substantially higher. If you know in advance about your vehicle needs, you should make the arrangements online before you travel, so you can shop around for the best bargains.

Use the supermarket

If there is a supermarket close to your hotel, you should pay a visit every morning to help you get through the day’s golf. Items such as snacks and bottles of water won’t be cheap at the course, so purchasing a bar of chocolate or a sandwich, as well as a cold drink or two, every day will save you money throughout the trip. It may seem like it’s too much effort, but the financial rewards are all too obvious.

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