A Guide To Mortgage Repayment Issues

If you cannot meet up with your home loan repayments, or you are concerned you might get behind, you need to get in touch with your loan company as quickly as possible. If you contact them at the earlier stages, you may get much more choices accessible to you.

Get in touch with your loan company and get a strategy:

In the event you have issues with your home loan repayments, get in touch with your loan company. Fear not – loan providers have exclusive divisions to assist with payment difficulties, plus they have techniques that may enable to resolve your payment issues.

If you are having difficulties for loan repayments, or are currently in debts:

Based on your repayment record, your conditions and whether or not your issues are probably long term or short term, your loan company might concur to:
lower your repayments for a fixed time period
impose you interest only for some time if you have received a repayment home loan (generally you pay principal amount as well as interest)
permit you to repay the arrears slowly and gradually, together with your regular payments
provide you with a ‘payment holiday’
expand your mortgage loan period to lower your repayments
include the arrears to your mortgage loan and pay them back again through the period
allow you to live in your house whilst you attempt to sell the house and discover somewhere else to stay
propose additional help, like one of the federal government schemes to assist with home loan issues
In the event you have other financial obligations on top of the home loan payment issue, communicate to a financial agent. You may discover that the best choice is to agree to a lowered payment set up for any unprotected debts which you have, like credit cards or private financial loans. This will then release some of your cash to spend more towards your home loan.

Pay just what you can

Choose to pay what you can handle each calendar month. Promptly paying regularly proves that you are dedicated to paying your home loan and working on the best you can. Your loan company is more probably deal with you sympathetically, and you will reduce the arrears costs as well.

Available Schemes to help you with your mortgage payments

You will find schemes that may assist you if you are in trouble with your home loan repayments.

Mortgage rescue scheme

The Mortgage Rescue Scheme may assist you in case you are facing severe issues paying your home loan repayments and are in risk of finding yourself homeless if taken back.

Finding help to pay your mortgage interest monthly:

Property owners on particular benefits may have the ability to support home loan interest repayments referred to as Support for Mortgage Interest, in short SMI.

SMI Help

From January 2009, in case you are obtaining benefits such as income support, job seeker’s allowance (JSA), you may be eligible for support with your home loan interest.

You can get support with a mortgage of up to £200,000 following a 13-week turnaround time.
In case you are on monthly pension credit you may have the option to get support right away, only for a home loan up to £100,000.

If you are not happy with the way your mortgage loan company has handled you. It is very important to keep up with mortgage repayments. To maintain enough liquid funds and have security to pay all the payments in future, it is good to invest in high interest fixed rate bonds

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